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Tuesday, September 23, 2008

TA MA DE!!!!

yesterday met snatch thieves
when me with my sister & her bf
together we went to have daorae in kota damansara
they didn't fear the crowd
just in front us was mamak corner shop
2 guys in a motor
slowly drive towards me
seems they saw only me walk back behind my sister and her bf
i have notice them as soon i heard the motorcar sound
i saw him starring at me
i alert
slow down my step
he try to grab my bag that i hold on my left arm
but he just can grab my white shirt and tear into 2 pieces
and drive away
my new white shirt from pull & bear ;(
and i nearly half naked infront ppl
luckily my sis got extra shirts for me
luckily he didn't carry any weapon with him
luckily i didn't lost any
and sounds really funny
there actually a police station just on the same road there
some said y didn't go report bout the incident
do you think i will report to the police bout that?
waste my time 'so so' with the police
cos they didn't do work either
just we have to stay alert when have motorist or any suspicious guys near by
(sorry to those good hearted motorist....)


Anonymous said...

The LUCKY is with you. ;)

TMD is not enough. Should be WTF! hahaha....

Anonymous said...

Aiyo...LUCKILY nothing happen.

Shirlyn said...

glad to hear tat u r ok and lose nothing. lucky gal.
yeah be more alert when walking on the road...nowadays really not safe everywhere.
take care...

siukeong said...

so glad dat u r ok~
agree wit u dat even reported liao oso useless la those MATA...