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Wednesday, October 29, 2008



Monday, October 27, 2008

holiday again!!!

'Kolam' tat made & display from the limkokweng students in pavilion kl

Sunday, October 26, 2008



Friday, October 24, 2008

My Kitchen: Little mushroom chezzy pizza

after work just wanted to stay home
don't like to get out
but somehow
he still wanted to get something to eat in the late night

i have left some bread
try to make a small pizza bread with mushroom
sliced up the mushroom
fried with minced garlic and onions
top it on the bread
sprinked some basil leaves herbs
placed some cheese that i found still got some left in fridge
put it into oven for few minutes
the little mushroom pizza for him
and he oledi prepared his own milo kao...
hey... where's mine ;p

Saturday, October 18, 2008

My Kitchen: Minced meat & mushrooms pasta

when i want to do a fast cooking
pasta was my first choice
as long my fridge got the tomato paste, mushrooms & minced meat
i found that i still have keep few bottles red wine
pour some into the pasta
taste nice ;)
i like it
he love it

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

catch your favourite seafood

many many water creatures
all swimming infront of me
dunno wat name fishes...
small or big prawns...
in this big water tanks
choose any as u like
imagine standing in front of this water tank
finger point on the seafood
"i want this, this, and this..." ;p
but don't forget to look at the price la

we have a big big family gathering dinner

in pantai seafood
and i'm the one who organise on this gathering
choose this place cos the location was in between with all our families

a very kampung style restaurant
in kayu ara
this is my second time visit
still have to find out where this place is in maps

seafood is easy
as long as it's super fresh
no matter how to cook it
steam or fried
that's the heavenly best seafood
like this tiger prawns
a very simple way to cook it
just dip it in a simple sos
all of us just sapu this

steam soon hock
the ordinary order for my family
especially my old old grandpa like this

mango fried asparagus and scallop
never think of using mango to fried with vege
this is quite nice
the mango taste really match with asparages & scallops

fried kai lan in two ways
their signature dish
but some how
i still think that the vege fried till crispy is weird

meat crab in salted egg
this crab actually not really fresh
the waitress said we should just tell them on the spot
that they will replace another one
we'll smart a bit next time

an ordinary fried rice to fulfill our hungry stomach

compare with the first salted egg crab that we have
this claypot butter crab is much more better

with the fresh meat crab and their creamy saurce

& don't forget to dip the buttery creamy saurce with their breads ... ;)

the location for this restaurant really ulu ulu 1....
is in between the damansara and tropicana
Pantai Seafood Restaurant
Lot 13575, Jalan Cempaka PJU 6A
Kg Sg Kayu Ara
Petaling Jaya
Tel No: 03 - 7725 5099/1099

my first time lunch in serdang

a very fast review on this 'claypot 'lou shi fun'
in serdang
& they have being reviewed in tv program 'ho chiak'
today have lunch with dearest loo
she bring me here
that since i haven't being for lunch in serdang

but i think is just normal for me
may be i still like the version that i've have eat when i was still in college
that with classmates
that we use to have lunch in petaling street 1
lou shi fun in claypot with black thick source and minced meat with an egg on top
guys... do u remember?
this version is like a shark fin soup 1

but of cos no shark fin in it
lots of minced meat, dried shrimp, mushroom
& of cos the 'lou shi fun'

a new place for my lunch le....

looks how the future mom enjoy the food... ;)
(she ate a lot lately ;p)

Monday, October 6, 2008

is almost midnite

my home finally can online le
due my place was a new develope resident area
the telekom have took few days to comfirm my telephone line application
& what a bad time that have nearly meet on the raya
take more few days to conect online
while just write write this, surf on net, i'm waititng for my hubby home
is nearly 12am le....
he said will back @ 12am
well.... i don't believe it.
yamcha with friends always more than that
good night dear....

Saturday, October 4, 2008

kuchai x.o. fish head noodle

days ago went to have lunch with friends
decided to go kuchai have this
x.o. fish head noodles of goon wah restaurant
it is just the shop behind the shell petrol station

they only open weekdays
saturday & sunday closed
9am till 4pm... i think
so since is raya holiday
all friends can make it to come to try this
that i've being most recommend claypot fish head noodle

claypot x.o. fish head noodles (L), rm22
the soup is really nice with a bit spicy and sour
using the garoupa fish head
the soup can be refill too....

the wing wing
must order 1
tender, sweet, yum....

most guys like this
kou yuk
actually comes with white bun (forgot to take the bun photo)
the meat tender, juisy, with yam
eat it with the bun and parsley

and the ABC, a must have for hot sunny day .....

so full.... ;)

Thursday, October 2, 2008

papa breakfast

papa kopitiam
in puchong, bandar puteri
we like to bring my mom-in-law to this kopitiam
she loves this place much

a very cozy, local like caffe deco, with free wifi too...

i always like to order this, white kopi-bing
see the bubbles on top
i just love it

kopi, my mom-in-law favourite

milo dinasour
that's the name for this milo kao-kao-kao in menu

is pricy, but he enjoy it very much

lot's of chit chat between mom & son

char-kuey-teow, not a bad choice

chicken porridge
have some fried small fish (gong yu zai), slices chicken, peanuts
make sure have someone to share with
really big bowl


the classical
roti bakar with yin-yong
a very thick slice of hainam bread

ABC, got dried grape too...

asam laksa
this is really spicy hot
hubby ate it like just back from raining day

pretty photo taken

remember last time have mentioned to my friend that
maybe we can take this kind of photo
in every few years
before married
after married
when turns 40s or 50s....
this is my second time taking the make-up and photograph package
by the shishedo makeup
the most susah 1 is
when the photographer ask u to pose some post that 'really not like u'
put ur hand below ur face
like a flower below ur face 1... terrible
i prefer this kind of pose
more like me
& another susah 1 is they ask u to wear their cloths
got leapard print 1
got colourful fur 1
but not for me