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Saturday, September 27, 2008

let's crab walk....

hari raya holiday is coming
everyone have planed to go here and there
me have to stay in kl
i don't have the raya holiday ;(
cos hubby's shop still open as normal
(remember to drop by to say hello if u happen in sri petaling)
i can't just leave him like that
stay home watch tv?
go shopping?
go hi tea?
i'm a good wife
have to accompany him
(or watch on him ;p)
is best to stay in kl during festive holidays
can crab walk in the kl hiway
selamat hari raya and happy holidays to everyone!
(remember drive safely)

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

TA MA DE!!!!

yesterday met snatch thieves
when me with my sister & her bf
together we went to have daorae in kota damansara
they didn't fear the crowd
just in front us was mamak corner shop
2 guys in a motor
slowly drive towards me
seems they saw only me walk back behind my sister and her bf
i have notice them as soon i heard the motorcar sound
i saw him starring at me
i alert
slow down my step
he try to grab my bag that i hold on my left arm
but he just can grab my white shirt and tear into 2 pieces
and drive away
my new white shirt from pull & bear ;(
and i nearly half naked infront ppl
luckily my sis got extra shirts for me
luckily he didn't carry any weapon with him
luckily i didn't lost any
and sounds really funny
there actually a police station just on the same road there
some said y didn't go report bout the incident
do you think i will report to the police bout that?
waste my time 'so so' with the police
cos they didn't do work either
just we have to stay alert when have motorist or any suspicious guys near by
(sorry to those good hearted motorist....)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

do or don't to have baby

after married
parents, friends, elderly mostly will ask
"when you want to have baby"
"pregnant oledi not?"
"still wait arr? 30 lo.... wait for what?"
no doubt that we are in d.i.n.k at the moment
(double income no kids)
i'm admit that i've being refuse to have baby
not because that i don't like baby
i love kids all the time
i've many cousin sister brothers
and have taken care of them when they still a baby
my hubby loves baby too
can be seen when he plays with his new born niece
but when i told my family or friends that we not going to have baby at the moment
there was so many voice from them
saying why, why, why???
we actually also have discuss
even when before married
and after married too
even now
still discuss that want baby or not
i'm so fortunate to have such a open minded husband
he didn't give me any pressure on this
and we've discuss it all the time
mostly ....
there was some point that makes us don't like to have baby
and we feel sad when these points not so easy to solve
not cos the money matter
not cos the pain matter (that's only my matter)
not cos the hardness of taking care and raise the baby matter
we might have baby someday
someday when gods wants us have

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i got an invitation to westin

i got a wedding invitation
from an old chum ai lee, thank you for inviting me
congratulate to her and her newly wed husband alan

i haven't try any in westin before
so have to 'leng leng' attend the dinner with fully expectation on their food

the ballroom deco

the table deco arrangement

a little small gift from westin hotel
few pieces assorted chocolates

accompany me with ~ the pretty cindy

here are the menu
the westin combination platter
with deep-fried vietnamese prawn roll/fillet shell abalone with essence chincken jus/
basil smoked duck with thai papaya salad/star anise ginger with marinated salmon with melon

the presentation oledi caught my heart
i love the way they serve on food
braised shark's fin with scallop wanton
a very first time to try shark's fin soup with scallop wanton

roasted sesame duck with coffee pepper jus
the roasted duck ok only, cos i've to use my folk and knife to cut the meat
but the sauce really not bad, can't imagine the pepper sauce can be so match with de coffee flavour

steamed seabass with lobster emulsion & baby pak choy

pan-seared scallops, mussels, vol au vent with saffron sauce
i love this,the saffron sauce so yummy,
and what so called vol au vent was something like a thousand thin layer of roti canai crepe
was so delicious with the saffron sauce
my fren cindy cannot eat mussel, so i can have 2 ;p

deep fried prawns with kataifi-tobiko egg salad
inside has wrap with the egg yolk and dried oyster

braised brocolli with 'pak lin' mushroom and black mushroom
the 'must' dish during the chinese wedding banquet

fried udon noodles with japanese escargots and x.o. sauce
my noodle didn't serve with the escargots, so don't know how's the escargot taste like
but the noodle fried with x.o. sauce really nice
i have to try to cook this one day
anyone want to be my food tester?

lastly... i wait wait wait...

there you are
everyone a plate
moist dark chocolate & banana cake with soya bean ice cream
on top was that soya bean ice cream place on a slice of chocolate chip
and there was a banana chocolate cake place on the moist sweet dark chocolate sauce
yummy... oh... ailee , i want some more ;p

ah.... i feel so happy with the dessert

p/s ailee, please remember the photo that we took together... plz ;)

Monday, September 15, 2008

macha zen

little dessert in pavilion
macha zen Rm12.50
a sweet sweet hokkaido red bean paste
with the japanese glutinous rice ball
and a scoop of green tea gelato ice cream
SO SWEET.... haS melt us down
MOF Japanese Sweets & Coffee
@ lower ground infront of the supermarket

their chef recommented
sweet... ;P

small deco

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

mooncake mania...

i've post up a story bout my favourite yam mooncake days ago
i'm so glad that there was a report bout the mooncake on today the star newspaper @ pg N25
a very big title 'truly a yam-my festive treat'
with a photo of my little uncle & his assistant preparing the yam mooncake

i've been received some msg bout how and where to get the yam mooncake
here was the address and contact no. wherever you are in kl or in perak
quick quick get a box & celebrate the coming latern festival
which is just a few more days more
31400 IPOH

9, JLN 7/152,
03-7783 3103/7783 3102

Sunday, September 7, 2008

take a little break...

hoo hooo....
later wanna snake to pavilion kl
so so so long time didn't go bkt bintang le....

Saturday, September 6, 2008

uncle's teow chew yam mooncake

他就是我的舅舅 ;)



Wednesday, September 3, 2008

life is just like a box of chocolate

sometimes i feel a bit pening
when things happen and you have to make a decision
or to take some action on it
with either
take it easy
take it seriously manner
most time i felt myself done something in very stressful way
which i have use to be
cos i'm the eldest one
i almost find myself doing things in very seriously way
cos don't like to have any mistake turns up
but sometimes things won't be control in my own hand
things may come out in such a surprising way if lucky
or bad enough that the way not what you wanted to be in it
now i wanted to make myself to take it easy more and more
not i don't want to make any responsibility on my shoulder
is that
too seriously makes me feel so stress and sometimes felt sad for myself too
i don't have to live like that
think about that
things got so many way
i can make a decision that good to me
and won't hurt other people feelings
no need carry so much things by my own
spare out somethings with others
especially with the loves one will so much wanted to share somethings with
makes things easier
lighten me up a bit
maybe have something different come out
which maybe will cheerish me up