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Wednesday, September 17, 2008

i got an invitation to westin

i got a wedding invitation
from an old chum ai lee, thank you for inviting me
congratulate to her and her newly wed husband alan

i haven't try any in westin before
so have to 'leng leng' attend the dinner with fully expectation on their food

the ballroom deco

the table deco arrangement

a little small gift from westin hotel
few pieces assorted chocolates

accompany me with ~ the pretty cindy

here are the menu
the westin combination platter
with deep-fried vietnamese prawn roll/fillet shell abalone with essence chincken jus/
basil smoked duck with thai papaya salad/star anise ginger with marinated salmon with melon

the presentation oledi caught my heart
i love the way they serve on food
braised shark's fin with scallop wanton
a very first time to try shark's fin soup with scallop wanton

roasted sesame duck with coffee pepper jus
the roasted duck ok only, cos i've to use my folk and knife to cut the meat
but the sauce really not bad, can't imagine the pepper sauce can be so match with de coffee flavour

steamed seabass with lobster emulsion & baby pak choy

pan-seared scallops, mussels, vol au vent with saffron sauce
i love this,the saffron sauce so yummy,
and what so called vol au vent was something like a thousand thin layer of roti canai crepe
was so delicious with the saffron sauce
my fren cindy cannot eat mussel, so i can have 2 ;p

deep fried prawns with kataifi-tobiko egg salad
inside has wrap with the egg yolk and dried oyster

braised brocolli with 'pak lin' mushroom and black mushroom
the 'must' dish during the chinese wedding banquet

fried udon noodles with japanese escargots and x.o. sauce
my noodle didn't serve with the escargots, so don't know how's the escargot taste like
but the noodle fried with x.o. sauce really nice
i have to try to cook this one day
anyone want to be my food tester?

lastly... i wait wait wait...

there you are
everyone a plate
moist dark chocolate & banana cake with soya bean ice cream
on top was that soya bean ice cream place on a slice of chocolate chip
and there was a banana chocolate cake place on the moist sweet dark chocolate sauce
yummy... oh... ailee , i want some more ;p

ah.... i feel so happy with the dessert

p/s ailee, please remember the photo that we took together... plz ;)

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