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Monday, September 15, 2008

macha zen

little dessert in pavilion
macha zen Rm12.50
a sweet sweet hokkaido red bean paste
with the japanese glutinous rice ball
and a scoop of green tea gelato ice cream
SO SWEET.... haS melt us down
MOF Japanese Sweets & Coffee
@ lower ground infront of the supermarket

their chef recommented
sweet... ;P

small deco


TT said...

sweet sweet couple eat sweet sweet dessert...aiyo can not tahan..;-)

Len said...


Shirlyn said...

always pass by this MOF see a lot ppl. wanna try one day. must grab some friends to try together.

too sweet i don like leh

TT said...

羡慕死我咯!。。hehehehehe...btw.. macha zen taste good? worth to try.

pamela chan said...

hehe... is quite sweet... have to drink some water after that...