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Sunday, August 31, 2008

late night hang out in 'good morning mart'

while we hang around in this comercial area in taman desa
we found this shop
'good morning mart'
which they sell lots of things from korea
we so excited with all stuffs in this shop
foods, source, kimchi, biscuits, jinseng...
and even the daily used stuff like the mosquito killer spray, shampoo, toothpaste, grill pan...

all imported from korea
and hubby so happy that he bought lots of biscuits and chocolate

i'm sure he can finish it all

a small gift from the korean boss

a small string deco for mobile


glad today got a bit time to snake to watch wall-e
with my cousin carmen
she's a 12yrs old girl, who's going to have upsr this coming september
so just bring her to have a movie
to relax a bit
all the while
being love to watch the animation movie featuring by the pixar production
this too
everytime they sure have a few minutes animation before the show on
with all the funny and humerous
which everytime makes me laugh till the tears out
wall-e didn't dissapointed me
like what my friends said about it
is really a nice movie
which is a little lonely robot
luckily have a little siu keong as a friend
and so funny that like to collect little things around him
and dance so well
and it was so cute that the way how he love eve
after the movie
i just have one thought that
please think think before throw our rubbish
bcos in future our government may not have money
to let us live in space... FREE
and built robbot to throw our rubbish

Saturday, August 30, 2008

happy birthday to you and me

yesterday was my birthday
like normal
i've wait my hubby for a small dinner after his work
we have a small dinner in taman desa
the colonial western and cafe
a very english style white colour deco
some old style table setting and lighting
i choose this place cos it's quite and cozy
and with variety food to choose from
have western and local

have hailam bread too

we have choose some dish that the chef recomended like this one
chinese wine chicken pot
with full wine and ginger aroma
but i didn't really try this
yellow wine ginger chicken always not my choice of food
but hubby said it taste really good
well... he finished it all by his own

spicy and sour pork rib in lotus leaves
this is very delicious with the source and the pork rib really tender
althought my throat no good
but i still get a few bite of this
eat first
don't think so much ;p
cos many things i still can't eat, my throat still no good
so i just order this carbonara spagetti
this yummy too
with fresh seafood
and lots of different herbs inside
that makes the carbonara a bit different with other that i taste before

thank you for everyone that sent me some lovely birthday messages to me

and all i wish was

may the happiness and lucky star will around with my love one and family and friends

Thursday, August 28, 2008

sick le

this few days weather really killing me
first got sore throat, then a bit flu, then a bit vomit, then a bit cough....
why like that ;(
after see doc
have to eat lot of medicine
can't take any mc
have to look after my shop.... alone ;(
now everyday bread bread bread
i hardly wanted to eat any other things but bread or sandwich
even can't drink my favorite milo kao
just liong cha, hot water....
should have loss some weight then ;p

Sunday, August 24, 2008

dr fish

days ago i went to have a fish spa
feed the fish with my legs
sounds weird for me
but i like to have a try since got a rm10 ringgit voucher from them
they are newly open in The Store Supermarket in sri petaling
when came to their shop
being greet by their lovely si tao poh
ask me to have a wash on my feet first
then step up on their fish tank
they have 3 fish tanks
can see lots of lots of small fish inside the treated water
they gave me a small tovel for me to rub my feet after i've done the session
but funny
i use it to cover my face instead
theselittle creatures just come and 'kiss' my legs
like many many fingers with some unsharp teeth pinch and slips on your skin
i thought it should be very confy
but my entire body feel so strengthened
hardly make myself relax

the service girl there keep smiling at me and give me some more cushion to lay my back
:"just relax... just a small fish, won't hurt you"
but my feet just can't follow what i wish to
i even ask a girl that at the other fish tank to come over to share out the fish with me
so funny for myself
i force myself to finish the session without looking at the cretures
look on the magazine that being place beside me
but anyway
first experience on this little dr fish
can feel the softness and silkiness of my feet
all the dead skin that i can't remove
the fish ate it
but if you ask me want to have the second try not...
ehhh ~~~~ ....
if i have another rm10 voucher...
maybe ;p

Thursday, August 21, 2008

poor guy...

i'm not a big fans of Lee Choong Wei
but i feel so pity on him~~

our national badminton player
who just won a silver medal for our country
and came back like a puppet
feel so sorry on his family that can't catch up with him
a bunch of big guys just bringing him to everywhere for the election campaign
and still not reach his home yet
he must be really hope to see his family
and his family and friends too
please just let him go
he just a badminton player
not a puppet

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Old le...

old liao...
just back from midvalli with a very tired body
today got a chance to snake to midvalli
just wanted to buy a present for my dear sister
for her coming r.o.m
at end of this month in taiwan
feel sorry that can't attend her special moment
my parents and my little sis dayna will be there
this afternoon
being hang around nearly whole midvalli
didn't go to the garden either
my leg just not like mind liao
and i just walk around an hour only

I have to admit...
I'm OLD le


Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Happy Birthday

Poor kids .... still don't know and realize what has happen out there
I so hope that some day that won't have the words such as ‘we MALAY…. you CHINESE…. he INDIANS….’ .
I hope that one day I will hear that ‘we Malaysians….’
Is it going to happen????

God knows when it will be…

Imagine a stick will easily break with just a little tiny strength,
why not join 2 other sticks or more TOGETHER, to unity EVERYONE,
with different religous, colors and couture,
knowing each other, and won't be standing alone by others.

Happy 51st birthday , Malaysia…

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

pray the buddies

this is the month of 'the ghost'. i've bought some pray pray things for tonight praying ceremony.

actually can pray anytime (of cos only at night) as long as in the chinese month's july

previously i didn't really do pray pray 'roadside' before, cos my mom will take care all this things up.

since hubby own a business now, so have to listen to the old folks that should have do the prayer to the buddies
wish and hopes everythings going to be alright and peaceful

Sunday, August 10, 2008

lunch @ daorae

after swimming, sooo.. hungry
makan time!!
korean lunch @ daorea in bandar puteri,puchong

** dear teresa with new hair look

** loo with her only pose she knows

** daorae, now got few more branch around kl. i'm stil not so good using the korean chopsticks.

** 1 of my favourite in korean food is always comes with lots of different small dishes, bottomless refill

*** and healthy too ;)

korean food, my favourite food... always

Saturday, August 9, 2008












Friday, August 8, 2008

have a date tonight ;)

so excited that the beijing olympic opening ceremony is not more than 3hrs from now
have prepare red bean sweet soup, chips, and other small snacks for this
hubby still want to work
not for me ;)
ready to go home soon

Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fake notes! !@%#@$#

Bad luck today that we have received fake note
man... not a small amount
and the fact is this rm600 fake note was from the Atm machine
so how are we going to know and differentiate it....
which one is real and which is the fake?
I have being told it was fake note when I deposite it over the bank counter
as usual they will check the money tru the ultra violet light
i normally very geh-boh 鸡婆 look at them see how they check on the monies
what i saw was...
all the monies also got shown the watermarked
but what they can differentiate was the stupid deer head not facing on our Rahman head
and also differentiate on the paper quality
how can we know that!
the bank worker so fast chop the fraud word on the note before i ask the money back
the bank staff advise me to deal with which bank that responsible on the bloody stupid Atm machine

so~~ so~~ 麻烦!

Friday, August 1, 2008





记得开始对跳水有兴趣是在1988年的韩国首尔奥运。刚巧播着跳水项目,被他们用韩语播报参赛者分数吸引,不断的“ching chang bong... ching chang bong”很可爱的语言。就是那时认识到跳水的乐趣。




08.08.08 与奥运有约,早点回家看开幕 ;)