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Sunday, August 24, 2008

dr fish

days ago i went to have a fish spa
feed the fish with my legs
sounds weird for me
but i like to have a try since got a rm10 ringgit voucher from them
they are newly open in The Store Supermarket in sri petaling
when came to their shop
being greet by their lovely si tao poh
ask me to have a wash on my feet first
then step up on their fish tank
they have 3 fish tanks
can see lots of lots of small fish inside the treated water
they gave me a small tovel for me to rub my feet after i've done the session
but funny
i use it to cover my face instead
theselittle creatures just come and 'kiss' my legs
like many many fingers with some unsharp teeth pinch and slips on your skin
i thought it should be very confy
but my entire body feel so strengthened
hardly make myself relax

the service girl there keep smiling at me and give me some more cushion to lay my back
:"just relax... just a small fish, won't hurt you"
but my feet just can't follow what i wish to
i even ask a girl that at the other fish tank to come over to share out the fish with me
so funny for myself
i force myself to finish the session without looking at the cretures
look on the magazine that being place beside me
but anyway
first experience on this little dr fish
can feel the softness and silkiness of my feet
all the dead skin that i can't remove
the fish ate it
but if you ask me want to have the second try not...
ehhh ~~~~ ....
if i have another rm10 voucher...
maybe ;p

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