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Sunday, August 31, 2008


glad today got a bit time to snake to watch wall-e
with my cousin carmen
she's a 12yrs old girl, who's going to have upsr this coming september
so just bring her to have a movie
to relax a bit
all the while
being love to watch the animation movie featuring by the pixar production
this too
everytime they sure have a few minutes animation before the show on
with all the funny and humerous
which everytime makes me laugh till the tears out
wall-e didn't dissapointed me
like what my friends said about it
is really a nice movie
which is a little lonely robot
luckily have a little siu keong as a friend
and so funny that like to collect little things around him
and dance so well
and it was so cute that the way how he love eve
after the movie
i just have one thought that
please think think before throw our rubbish
bcos in future our government may not have money
to let us live in space... FREE
and built robbot to throw our rubbish

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