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Saturday, August 30, 2008

happy birthday to you and me

yesterday was my birthday
like normal
i've wait my hubby for a small dinner after his work
we have a small dinner in taman desa
the colonial western and cafe
a very english style white colour deco
some old style table setting and lighting
i choose this place cos it's quite and cozy
and with variety food to choose from
have western and local

have hailam bread too

we have choose some dish that the chef recomended like this one
chinese wine chicken pot
with full wine and ginger aroma
but i didn't really try this
yellow wine ginger chicken always not my choice of food
but hubby said it taste really good
well... he finished it all by his own

spicy and sour pork rib in lotus leaves
this is very delicious with the source and the pork rib really tender
althought my throat no good
but i still get a few bite of this
eat first
don't think so much ;p
cos many things i still can't eat, my throat still no good
so i just order this carbonara spagetti
this yummy too
with fresh seafood
and lots of different herbs inside
that makes the carbonara a bit different with other that i taste before

thank you for everyone that sent me some lovely birthday messages to me

and all i wish was

may the happiness and lucky star will around with my love one and family and friends

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