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Wednesday, August 6, 2008

Fake notes! !@%#@$#

Bad luck today that we have received fake note
man... not a small amount
and the fact is this rm600 fake note was from the Atm machine
so how are we going to know and differentiate it....
which one is real and which is the fake?
I have being told it was fake note when I deposite it over the bank counter
as usual they will check the money tru the ultra violet light
i normally very geh-boh 鸡婆 look at them see how they check on the monies
what i saw was...
all the monies also got shown the watermarked
but what they can differentiate was the stupid deer head not facing on our Rahman head
and also differentiate on the paper quality
how can we know that!
the bank worker so fast chop the fraud word on the note before i ask the money back
the bank staff advise me to deal with which bank that responsible on the bloody stupid Atm machine

so~~ so~~ 麻烦!


Len said...

Which Bank ATM Machine??

pamela chan said...

the customer withraw the $ from 2 banks. either the tiger head bank or the cimb bank.... ;(