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Wednesday, September 3, 2008

life is just like a box of chocolate

sometimes i feel a bit pening
when things happen and you have to make a decision
or to take some action on it
with either
take it easy
take it seriously manner
most time i felt myself done something in very stressful way
which i have use to be
cos i'm the eldest one
i almost find myself doing things in very seriously way
cos don't like to have any mistake turns up
but sometimes things won't be control in my own hand
things may come out in such a surprising way if lucky
or bad enough that the way not what you wanted to be in it
now i wanted to make myself to take it easy more and more
not i don't want to make any responsibility on my shoulder
is that
too seriously makes me feel so stress and sometimes felt sad for myself too
i don't have to live like that
think about that
things got so many way
i can make a decision that good to me
and won't hurt other people feelings
no need carry so much things by my own
spare out somethings with others
especially with the loves one will so much wanted to share somethings with
makes things easier
lighten me up a bit
maybe have something different come out
which maybe will cheerish me up

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

When you start to AWARE something runs in-correctly, the thing will change. Be GOOD and believe to yourself, my friend. :)