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Thursday, October 2, 2008

papa breakfast

papa kopitiam
in puchong, bandar puteri
we like to bring my mom-in-law to this kopitiam
she loves this place much

a very cozy, local like caffe deco, with free wifi too...

i always like to order this, white kopi-bing
see the bubbles on top
i just love it

kopi, my mom-in-law favourite

milo dinasour
that's the name for this milo kao-kao-kao in menu

is pricy, but he enjoy it very much

lot's of chit chat between mom & son

char-kuey-teow, not a bad choice

chicken porridge
have some fried small fish (gong yu zai), slices chicken, peanuts
make sure have someone to share with
really big bowl


the classical
roti bakar with yin-yong
a very thick slice of hainam bread

ABC, got dried grape too...

asam laksa
this is really spicy hot
hubby ate it like just back from raining day

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