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Sunday, September 21, 2008

do or don't to have baby

after married
parents, friends, elderly mostly will ask
"when you want to have baby"
"pregnant oledi not?"
"still wait arr? 30 lo.... wait for what?"
no doubt that we are in d.i.n.k at the moment
(double income no kids)
i'm admit that i've being refuse to have baby
not because that i don't like baby
i love kids all the time
i've many cousin sister brothers
and have taken care of them when they still a baby
my hubby loves baby too
can be seen when he plays with his new born niece
but when i told my family or friends that we not going to have baby at the moment
there was so many voice from them
saying why, why, why???
we actually also have discuss
even when before married
and after married too
even now
still discuss that want baby or not
i'm so fortunate to have such a open minded husband
he didn't give me any pressure on this
and we've discuss it all the time
mostly ....
there was some point that makes us don't like to have baby
and we feel sad when these points not so easy to solve
not cos the money matter
not cos the pain matter (that's only my matter)
not cos the hardness of taking care and raise the baby matter
we might have baby someday
someday when gods wants us have


Shirlyn said...

just let it be naturally...when u have it be glad to have it..when no just be patience...don force ur willbdu

Anonymous said...

I felt that there are some pressure inside you.... Relax larrrrr.... After I have one, you might have a difference thought haha....

Anonymous said...

Between, feel free to read my sister blog, she is very talented on taking care of her child. VERY GENG one.

She was from 坤成 too. ;)

pinkmaple said...

oh... 学姐arr? ;p i just felt that if want have a baby cos it was normal for a married couple to have a family. not to have baby cos the bad environment and bad education we have here.... well... let the god decide

Anonymous said...

"well... let the god decide"

Hmmm, this is a positive one.

So please dun use cxxxxx from now. We see you and FY who will pregnant first hahaha...

For the education, I will be the teacher for my own son.

I dun have enough time to travel already, kesian.... :(

karynn said...

oh, me never wanna have baby... then can have honeymoon phase forever!! hahaha....
no la, actually i am just too chicken to take up such a heavy responsibility. being parents is very "wai dai" :)

pinkmaple said...

when u see today's children 'development' really pening kepala....

pinkmaple said...

maybe FY will have first, she always face the bird nest la... dongcongcou la... all very bou 1 ;p

siukeong said...

enjoy 1st yr of TWO PEOPLE's WOLRD 1st lor then only think of havin' 1 (if u dun wanna b a 高龄产妇 then u've better 2 hav it fast lu...) :b