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Monday, October 17, 2011

My Kitchen:有时是要换一换


第一次做薯泥很有满足感,再加上小妹的salmon with tobasco and herbs的配搭, 这一餐很有jamie oliver feel 哦~

之前在网上搜找薯泥的做法,真的很多种,多花样 ~ 结果我用了最简单,这里又容易找到食材的做法。
4 large Australia Potato ( 来自澳洲的番薯能做到沙沙的口感),cut to small pieces, boil with water added salt, medium heat, bout 15 - 20min or until folk can easily poked thru it. then drain water from potatoes.

place the cooked potatoes in a large bowl. smashed it with folk.

a tiny cube of butter, melt into mashed potato, and 2 soup spoon of creme fraishe from President into the potato. chop some chives into it.

flavour it with black pepper and salt.

tadah~ done ;)

*eh~ 不好意思,习惯用英文来写resipe. *

那天的三文鱼分别是从Midvalli的cold storage和Jusco买的,两个都有注明一样从norway来的,但是两个的价钱却大大不同~ hmm...... *抓头*


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一起做吧~ 可以想象Yvannie口水流流的可爱样子 ;)