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Saturday, November 1, 2008


yesterday dad told me that he 'smell' the government will decrease the petrol price
ask me not to pump fuel first
i'm so good girl one, and listen wat he said
then this morning newspaper really said it
brilliant dad
you so smart
today go pump a full tank rm2.15 petrol ;)
remember last time decrease petrol price
ppl all like no rasa one
but today the first time i see the petrol station with no fuel !
no fuel !
the pump there just stick a piece of paper written 'habis'
go to the second petrol station
same too
have to go another 'brand' petrol station to try my luck
saw this one that got some cars go in
sure they have, rite?
this is the first time i go to this another 'brand' petrol station
so not really sure which is the fuel or diesel one
ask the indian man working there
he shaking his head ;" habis la... "
the petrol pump is being lock
how ar?!
tat indian man point me to another pump which show is rm2.05 sydnergy oil
:" guna ini la...."
really ar? not diesel, rite?
:"same la... petrol la.... pump a little la"
well... i have to.... pump a little 15 bucks petrol
cos i'm so afraid will not make it back home later