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Sunday, November 30, 2008

chinese herbs... so bitter

boil herbs tea
like the sifu said
4 bowl of water boil till a bowl
( 4 碗水煲剩 1 碗 )

this is what i'm doing every night
boil the herbs tea for him
but sometimes when things happened
will forgot bout it
sometimes really tired after a whole day out
just skip to the next day ;p

personally i prefer the chinese medicine
is another way to use the chinese herbs to makes us healthier
since the history of chinese herbs is more than hundred years

don't worry
he's alright
hubby having this cos he's very 'hot'...
yes... he's 'hot ;p~~~

those ordinary herbs tea that sold outside
like in the kopitiam or a small herbs tea stall in pasar malam
can't totally help him to prevent heat from his body
always complain to me got ulser la.... or sore throat la....

to smooth down the heat in his body in more better way
so have to drink this kind of XXL additional chinese herbs
he got this from those traditional chinese herbs doctor
a pack of unknown name traditional herbs
i just know one of it was barley
boil it into a dark bitterness soup

now i'm happy that he said got a bit improvement
after having the soup few weeks ago
not much complain bout the heat

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