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Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Taxi in Phuket

in phuket, this red tuk tuk was their usual cab, they bring you to anywhere and is really convenient and a joy ride experience for me. but some places they will charge a bit higher.
now the tuk tuk got another competitor. they got some other cab, which we have took was those normal car like the toyota camry(the latest version 1 with leather seat too) or even the pajero 4wheel v6 came out to be taxi. and these cars didn't have any taxi sign on it. it just a normal car, that you won't know they can be a taxi, unless those driver come out to you, and ask for whether you need a taxi or wanted to go anywhere.
both this taxis like they have pakat or compete each other. they all now have set their taxi fare same. so is a bit hard for us to bargain.
normally they charge your ride in the phuket town cheaper. normally bout bath80 to bath100. but if go to those popular beach, they will charge bout from bath300 to bath800, and they will even charge more if is late night.... and is hard to bargain too, especially we all lady group which we thinking on safety first.
this kind of normal car taxi, we got a bit hesitate that whether can go with this guys (cos they don't look like taxi driver, and afraid he will bring us to nowhere ;p ), BUT somehow at that time i just trusted them( and I'm surprised myself trusted these taxi drivers more than our own country taxi drivers ) and got up to their cars, i mean their taxi, and let them drive us to anywhere we want.

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