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Wednesday, July 23, 2008

red vinasse noodle @ pudu

i love sunday morning ;)
cos got a little more time to spend a breakfast with hubby before go to work.

this lovely sunday morning, he took me to this kopitiam near jalan pudu and jalan peel, to try this special noodle which is quite hard to find in other place....
he found this shop when i was in my holiday in phuket. when I'm back, he told me bout this noodle and so eagerly wanted to bring me here to try it out.

the soup is red in color, not curry, is not spicy,
they call it 红糟 in chinese ,the red vinasse noodle, with a little bit chinese wine flavour, and red vinasse marinated chicken.

my hubby loves it so much till drink off all the soup.


Anonymous said...

Don't look at your hubby. Just your opinion, this red thing boleh tahan or not?

pinkmaple said...

ha! no worry, u can trust him ;) for me, it taste quite nice with the wine aroma flavour. a little different with wat i ussually have for bfast. if u don't like it, they also hv their home made fish cake noodles.... try for urself 1 day.