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Monday, December 15, 2008

everyone loves leslie

this few days hubby so damn bc
hardly squeeze a smiley face
too bad that i'm just a IT dummies
can't help him too much
only know to remember bring him food

yesterday on our way home
the radio have some 80s oldies playing
one of them was this song from the legendary leslie cheung
hubby has always love his song
i'm not leslie fans
but will always remember his songs and movies
which is classic
too bad that everything turns classic when only he is dead

in the car
he sing this song out loud
and i'm his only fans
there was a sweet smile back on his face again... ;)


sa said...

Looks Delicious..
Will try one day

sa said...

ops..wrong posting..pls delete it

Len said...

hahahaha....never mind, leslie look delicious too. hahahahahahaha....

pamela chan said...

huh?! can delete meh? .... like tat lo... ;)